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Brake Light Pro for Ducati

Brake Light Pro for Ducati

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Keep yourself safer from rear end collisions! 

Rear end collisions are the most common type of road accident. Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and training literature suggest that you pump your brakes (flash your brake lights) for improved visibility at the start of deceleration. The use of this device will increase safety, especially on motorcycles. 

 The Healtech Electronics Brake Light Pro flasher module will fit all vehicles and will power all types of 12V bulbs (incandescent, halogen) and LED lights. 

It is simple to install and connects in-line with the brake light wire. The BLP module is the next generation of brake light flashers with features not found in competing products – touch sensor for easy programming and maximum reliability, high power FET with short circuit protection, and extremely small size for trouble free fitment in tight spaces. 

Warning: Check local vehicle statutes to see if brake light flashers are allowed in your state, since the Brake Light Pro can save lives but can be illegal in some jurisdictions. If the use of brake light flashers is restricted in your state, we recommend setting the unit to mode “1” which simulates manual flashing of the brake light (3 slow flashes). You are responsible to comply with the laws of your region. E.g. California Vehicle Code 25250 allows a maximum of four flashes within four seconds. Mode “1” complies with this regulation. 

 Dimensions: 30x20x13mm 
Voltage Range: 6v to 20v 
Maximum Load: 120W 
Operating Temp: -40F to +176F 
Light Patterns: 11 modes + bypass + demo mode 

 BLP Flashing Modes Notes: - In bypass mode, the brake light works the same way as without the module installed. It can be activated with 3 taps. - Modes 1 to 10 start with a 1 second pulse, which ensures the brake light reaches the maximum brightness within the shortest time. Then it flashes the light with 75% duty cycle (75% ON, 25% OFF) for best visibility (flashing light without loss of brightness). - In modes 1 to 11, when the flashing cycle ends, the brake light remains ON as long as you apply the brake. - Modes 7 to 10 are suited for LED lights only as bulbs can not follow the flashing speed of these modes. - The setting is stored in flash memory, no need to re-program the device if you disconnected the battery. 

Outstanding Factory Support 
Each unit is extensively tested, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if for any reason it fails to meet your expectation (All parts must be returned in original condition), and a TWO YEAR TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY (The product should not be damaged or subjected to over-voltage). Level 1 support is handled here at Blue Monkey Motorsports. If we cannot readily resolve your issue we'll bring in an engineer from Healtech Electronics to assist. We've found over the years that SO FEW of the Healtech products ever actually go bad that in most cases it's an error during installation or programming.


DUCATI Desmosedici RR (2008), Diavel (2011-2018), Hypermotard [ALL variants] (2008-2019), Hyperstrada [ALL variants] (2013-2017), MH900e (2001-2002), Monster 400 (1995-2008), Monster 600 (1993-2001), Monster 620 (2002-2006), Monster 659 (2018), Monster 695 (2007-2008), Monster 696 [non-ABS] (ALL years), Monster 696 [ABS] (ALL years), Monster 750 (1993-2001), Monster 750 ie (2002), Monster 795 [non-ABS] (ALL years), Monster 795 [ABS] (ALL years), Monster 796 [non-ABS] (ALL years), Monster 796 [ABS] (ALL years), Monster 796 Corse Stripe [non-ABS] (ALL years), Monster 796 Corse Stripe [ABS] (ALL years), Monster 797 (ALL years), Monster 800 (2003-2004), Monster 900 (1993-2002), Monster 1000 (2003-2005), Monster 1100 [non-ABS] (ALL years), Monster 1100 [ABS] (ALL years), Monster 1100 EVO (ALL years), Monster Diesel (2012-2013), Monster S2R (2005-2008), Monster S4 (2001-2002), Monster S4R (2003-2008), Multistrada [ALL, non-ABS] (2003-2015), Multistrada [1200 with ABS] (2010-2015), Multistrada [ALL variants] (2016-2017), Superbike 748 (2000-2002), Superbike 749 (2003-2006), Superbike 848 (2008-2013), Superbike 899 (2014-2015), Superbike 959 (2016-2019), Superbike 996 (1999-2001), Superbike 998 (2002-2003), Superbike 999 (2003-2007), Superbike 1098 (2007-2009), Superbike 1198 (2009-2017), Scrambler 400 (2016-2017), Scrambler 800 (2015-2019), Scrambler 1100 (2018-2019), SportClassic [ALL variants] (2005-2010), ST3 [non-ABS] (2004-2007), ST3s [ABS] (2006-2007), ST4s [non-ABS] (2004-2005), ST4s [ABS] (2004-2005), Streetfighter [ALL variants] (2009-2015), Supersport [ALL variants] (1991-2007), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years)

Diavel (2019), Diavel S (2019), XDiavel (2016-2019), XDiavel S (2017-2019), Monster 821 (2014-2019), Monster 1200 (2014-2019), Monster 1200 S (2014-2019), Monster 1200 R (ALL years), Monster 1200 R (Euro 4 spec) (ALL years), Multistrada [ALL variants] (2018-2019), Panigale V4 (2018-2019), Superbike 1199 (2012-2016), Superbike 1299 (2015-2019), 1199 Superleggera (2014), 1299 Superleggera (2017-2018), Supersport 937 (2017-2019), Supersport S 937 (2017-2019) 

Updated: 03/2019

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