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GIPro X-Type G2 for Yamaha

GIPro X-Type G2 for Yamaha

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GIPro Gear Indicator rated 5 stars by Motorcyclist Magazine

The GIPRO, accurate, compact!

New G2 kit includes: Touch Control & Auto Brightness!

The GIpro-X from HealTech Electronics Ltd. is the third GIpro variant in the range. This Gear Position Indicator will fit ALL motorcycles and vehicles which have electronic speedometer (either analog or digital readout). 
(For vehicles with cable driven speedometer or that for some reason DO NOT HAVE a working speed sensor, use the GIPRO X-Type with Wheel Speed Sensor (WSS Kit)

Due to a modern processor and sophisticated firmware, the GIpro-X offers faster and more reliable readings than competitive products. Same size as the GIpro-DS this is also the smallest, most compact gear indicator on the market, making it easy to mount at the instrument cluster. Just the perfect size. It has a clear front face which goes along nicely with the factory instruments. 

The product has Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, or White LED display (Green, Yellow and White by special order only, 2 week lead time. These colors are not as bright as Red or Blue).

Unit dimensions: 20mm wide by 30mm tall by 15mm deep (8/10 inch by 1 1/8 inch by 5/8 inch)

The model is auto learning. Just go through the gears and you are done. (see user guide)

Programmable Shift Light function as well as High Speed Warning feature is included. You won't find this feature set in other products.

The product is rugged, 100% weatherproof and comes with 2-years replacement warranty. 


Installation?...pretty dang simple...
HealTech makes bike specific looms to make the installation quick and simple. This kit is "semi-universal" meaning that it requires one wire to be spliced (rpm signal) but the speedo sensor wire is plug-and-play! Follow these steps:

1) Locate the speed sensor. Plug the GIPRO-X speed pickup wire inline. If you have a SpeedoHealer installed, you have to connect the plugs in-line in the following order: Speed sensor male plug >> GIpro >> SH >> bike female plug.

2) Locate the ECU (Engine Control Unit) box. Usually under the seat or a side fairing. Find the tach signal wire (different by model...see bike-specific installation instructions for wire color directions) 

3) Just go through the gears (see user guide for instructions) and you are done. Note that HealTech suggests doing this with a WARMED UP engine.


-Each unit is extensively tested, and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if for any reason it fails to meet your expectation (All parts must be returned in original condition), and a TWO YEAR replacement guarantee (The product should not be damaged or subjected to over-voltage.

Don't have a dash area to mount the GIPro on your bike? We also sell a chrome or anodized black billet GIPro bar mount for just $59.90. Fits 7/8 to 1 inch bars.
GIPro Mount

More questions? Visit our Technical Knowledge Base to read some common questions and answers on Healtech products.


GPX-Y01 YAMAHA BT1100 Bulldog (2002-2006), Diversion [non-ABS] (2009-2015), Drag Star (1999-2006), FJR1300 [non-ABS] (2001-2005), FJR1300 [ABS] (2003-2005), FZ-16 / FZ-S (2008-2015), FZ400 (1997-2002), FZ6 [non-ABS] (1998-2012), FZ6 [ABS] (2006), FZ6R (2009-2017), FZ8 [non-ABS] (2010-2015), FZ1 (2001-2017), FZH150 (2015), FZN150 (2015), FZS600 Fazer (1998-2003), FZS1000 Fazer (2001-2015), MT-01 (2005-2012), MT-03 [non-ABS] (2006-2013), Raider (2006-2017), Roadliner (2006-2015), Road Star (1999-2014), Royal Star [ALL variants] (1996-2013), Stryker (2011-2017), Stratoliner (2006-2015), TDM850 (1999-2001), TDM900 [non-ABS] (2002-2013), TDM900 [ABS] (2004-2006), V-Star (950cc and above) (ALL years), Warrior (2002-2012), WR250R/X (2008-2019), WR450R/X (2008), XJ6 [non-ABS] (2009-2015), XJR400 (2002-2007), XJR1300 (2004-2017), XT660 (2004-2015), XV1600A Wild Star (1999-2005), XV1900A Midnight Star (2006-2015), XVS950A Midnight Star (2009-2016), XVS1100 Drag Star (1999-2006), XVS1300A Midnight Star (2007-2015), YS250 Fazer (ALL years), YZF-R6 (1998-2016), YZF-R6S (2006-2009), YZF-R1 (1998-2008), Big Bear [ATV] (ALL years), Grizzly [ATV] (ALL years), Rhino [ATV] (ALL years), YFM550 [ATV] (ALL years), YFM660 [ATV] (ALL years), YFM700 [ATV] (ALL years), YFZ450 [ATV] (ALL years)

GPX-Y02 YAMAHA WR250F (2006-2019), WR450F (2006-2019)

GPX-Y03 YAMAHA WR125R/X (2009-2014), YZF-R125 [non-ABS] (2008-2013), YZF-R15 (2008-2018)


GPX-Y04 YAMAHA MT-125 [non-ABS] (ALL years), MT-15 / M-Slaz / Xabre / TFX150 (2016), XV950 Bolt [non-ABS] (ALL years), YZF-R125 [non-ABS] (2014-2015), YZF-R15 (2019)

GPX-WSS YAMAHA FZ150 [non-FI model] (2008-2012), SZ150 (ALL years), SZ16 (ALL years), TZR50 (2016-2017), TT-R110 (ALL years), TT-R125 (ALL years), TT-R230 (ALL years), TT-R250 (ALL years), TW200 (ALL years), V-Star (250cc / 650cc) (ALL years), WR250F (2001-2005), XJR1300 (1999-2003), XV250 (ALL years), XVS650 (ALL years), YBR125 (ALL years), YD110 (ALL years), YZ-250F [FI model] (ALL years), YZ-450F [FI model] (ALL years), YZF600R Thundercat (ALL years), YZF1000R Thunderace (ALL years), ALL with cable speedo (ALL years

Updated: 04/2019


5 Stars
GIPro was shipped quickly. Installation went quickly once correct wires were found in the stock harness on my 2013 Yamaha FZ6R. Found a neat place to mount the unit just below and to the right of the speedo. This should be a Yamaha included part. Its that good!!
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Reviewed by:  from ventura, Calif.. on 12/25/2013
5 Stars
Easy installation. Easy programming. Works amazingly well. Wouldn't have a bike without it
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Austi, TX. on 4/7/2018
5 Stars
Great gear
Very usefull and easy to install. The harder part is to find the correct wires, but instuctions are very clear. I take me about one hour to complete instalation. Is a GREAT gear!
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Reviewed by:  from Mexico. on 2/15/2017
4 Stars
Xtype indicator
The product arrived quickly and the install was simple. Overall very happy and would recommend it.I was disapointed that gear is not shown when stopped. I have the atre model on my suzuki and it shows the last gear selected even at a stop. Wish this was the same.
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 2 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Ontario Canada. on 12/8/2015
5 Stars
Great Product and Looks Good
Great product that was relatively simple to install and get ready to use. The instruction packet that comes with the adapter spells out exactly how to install. Only gripe is that for one of the sets of wires that you have to tap into it calls for tapping into the grey wire, but both my wires were grey on the side you have to tap in to. It would have beneficial to know to look at the other side of the connector and see which wire corresponds with the grey wire on that side. Other than that it was simple to install and there was plenty of wire to route it wherever you want to place the indicator. Would recommend to anyone that doesn't have a stock gear indicator.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from New York. on 5/15/2019

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