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GIPro X-Type Universal Gear Indicator with Wheel Speed Sensor

GIPro X-Type Universal Gear Indicator with Wheel Speed Sensor

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Part Number:GPX-WSS for Harley

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GIPro Gear Indicator rated 5 stars by Motorcyclist Magazine

*** Not to be confused with the PLUG-AND-PLAY GIPro kits 
for bikes with working electronic OEM speed sensors - This kit is for bikes with cable speedos***

The GIPRO, accurate, compact!

The GIpro-X with Wheel Speed Sensor from HealTech Electronics Ltd. can be installed on any Harley-Davidson model which has an electronic ignition but does  NOT have a working OEM electronic speed sensor, or has a cable-driven speedometer.

Due to a modern processor and sophisticated firmware, the GIpro-X offers faster and more reliable readings than competitive products. Same size as the GIpro-DS this is also the smallest, most compact gear indicator on the market, making it easy to mount at the instrument cluster. Just the perfect size. It has a clear front face which goes along nicely with the factory instruments.

The product has Red, Blue, Green,Yellow, or White LED display. (Green, Yellow and White by special order only) 
NOTE: Red and blue are easiest to see in direct sunlight.

Unit dimensions: 20mm wide by 30mm tall by 15mm deep (8/10 inch by 1 1/8 inch by 5/8 inch)

The model is easy to program, there are no buttons and no programming wires. Just go through the gears and you are done. (see user guide)

Programmable Shift Light function as well as High Speed Warning feature is included. You won't find this feature set in other products.

The product is rugged, 100% weatherproof and comes with 2-year replacement warranty.


- Unlike with sensors from other brands, no need to install magnets on the wheel.

- Our sensor detects movement of the bolt heads of the brake disc, or bolt heads of the rear sprocket.

- Rear wheel mounting is recommended to ensure the gear indicator will function correctly even with the front wheel up.

- The sensor can be used also in custom applications, where a bike owner wants to replace an old (cable driven) instrument cluster to a new cluster, which requires electronic speed signal. Note that this would also require a SpeedoHealer to correct the signal.

Don't have a dash area to mount the GIPro on your bike? We also sell a chrome or anodized black billet GIPro bar mount for just $59.90. Fits 7/8 to 1 inch bars.
GIPro Mount

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