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Multimeter 5 for Harley-Davidson

Multimeter 5 for Harley-Davidson

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Part Number:MM5-U01

5+1 functions:

1: Air temperature with resettable min/max reading. Displays Celsius or Fahrenheit.

2: Voltage with resettable min/max reading. Programmable voltage alert and backlight shut-off.

3: Shows duration of active ignition-on session so you know when to take a break on long rides.

4: Engine Hour Meter, counts total hours of engine run time, especially useful on race engines which need regular overhauls. Can be reset from the Settings menu.

5: Stopwatch with resume function.

5+1: Laptimer function shows the current, last and best lap times. A large arrow sign indicates whether the new lap is better or not.

Main features:

* Easy to read display in all lighting conditions

* Compact dimensions for motorcycle use (41x41x12mm)

* All functions can be accessed with a single remote button

* Auto cycle can be enabled to switch between the first 3 functions

* Comes with a wide range, high precision external temp sensor

* Quick and simple installation, only 2 wires (power & ground) to connect

* Works on all motorcycles, atvs, cars, boats and other vehicles

Rugged design, 100% waterproof, 2 Year Warranty

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