UA-75297209-1 PAIR System Eliminator for Yamaha
PAIR System Eliminator for Yamaha

PAIR System Eliminator for Yamaha

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Bypass the nagging FI light when removing the PAIR system from your bike.

No cutting and splicing required! Just connect and you're ready to roll!

Comes in a rugged 100% weatherproof housing with 30-day money back guarantee and 2-year replacement warranty

The PAIR system on modern performance street/sport bikes injects fresh air into the exhaust to minimize the amount of unburned fuel being released into the atmosphere. This is why the popping noise happens on heavy deceleration. It's because the unburned fuel combusts in the exhaust can instead of the combustion chamber.

But disconnecting the PAIR valve results in the FI light coming on, which can also make some other (more serious) issue with your bike. and let's face's just annoying.


YAMAHA FJ-09 (2015-2018), FZ-09 [non-ABS] (ALL years), FZ-09 [ABS] (ALL years), MT-03 [non-ABS] (2006-2016), MT-03 [ABS] (2016), MT-09 [non-ABS] (ALL years), MT-09 [ABS] (ALL years), MT-09 Tracer (2015-2019), Tracer 900GT (2019), VMAX 1700 (2017-2019), XSR900 (2016-2019), XT660 (2004-2015), YXZ1000R [ATV] (ALL years)

YAMAHA FZ-10 (2016-2017), FZ1 (2006-2014), MT-10 (2016), MT-10 SP (2017-2019), NIKEN (2018-2019), YZF-R1 (2004-2014) 

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