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X-TRE for Suzuki

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The X-TRE power box from HealTech Electronics is designed for Japanese motorcycles originally equipped with an in-dash gear position indicator.

X-TRE is an advanced Timing Retard Eliminator, which preserves the function of the OEM dash gear indicator. It is achieved by having a microchip encode/decode the communication link between the ECM and the dashboard in real time. This feature is unique, as a traditional TRE disables the factory gear indicator.

This module improves partial-throttle response in gears 1-3, and bypasses the speed limiter on 1000cc+ bikes. It adds as much as 15 horsepower (e.g. the B-King in 2nd gear), while improving throttle response and acceleration in the lower gears. The unit automatically turns off the mapping in Neutral for smooth idle operation.

Just like the HealTech GIPRO w/ATRE, the X-TRE comes with user selectable gear maps, offering the same benefit and flexibility. But now, there is no requirement to have an external gear indicator when the bike already has one, although we understand many riders will still want the GIPRO unit for the large bright LED display.

And of course, for bikes without an OEM dash gear indicator, the GIPRO w/ATRE is still the best option available today.

The X-TRE unit mounts under the fuel tank, out of sight, and works well with (or without) other electronic devices like a Power Commander or a Speedo Healer, etc.

This tiny box installs in under 30 minutes on most bikes connecting through OEM plugs (only one wire would need to be cut during installation). HealTech bundles high quality gel-sealed quick connects to make quick, simple, and reliable connections without the need for soldering.


SUZUKI B-King (2008-2012), Boulevard C90 (2013-2019), Boulevard M109R/R2 (2011-2018), DL650 V-Strom (2012-2019), DL650XT V-Strom (2018-2019), DL1000 V-Strom (2014-2019), DL1000XT V-Strom (2019), Gladius (2009-2015), GSF650 Bandit (2009-2015), GSF1250 N/NA Bandit (2010-2013), GSR400 (ALL years), GSR600 (ALL years), GSR750 (2011-2017), GSX250R (2018-2019), GSX650F (2008-2015), GSX1000F Katana (2019), GSX1250FA (2010-2017), GSX1300R Hayabusa (2008-2019), GSX-R600 (2006-2019), GSX-R750 (2006-2019), GSX-R1000 (2005-2016), GSX-S750 (2015-2019), GSX-S750Z (2018-2019), GSX-S1000 /F /A /FA (2015-2019), GSX-S1000Z (2018-2019), GW250 (2011-2017), Inazuma 250 (2011-2015), Intruder 250 LC (2015), Intruder C1500 (2013-2017), Intruder M1800R (2011-2018), SFV400 (ALL years), SFV650 (2009-2015), VL1500 Intruder (2013-2017), VZR1800 (2011-2019)

SUZUKI Boulevard C50 (2009-2019), Intruder C800 (2009-2017), VL800 Intruder Volusia (2009-2019)

Updated: January 2019
5 Stars
It was simple to identify which X-TRE I needed for my M109R, (via HealTech and BlueMonkey), the purchasing process was quick and easy through BlueMonkey, and the price seemed fair for the technology I was about to install (based on comments from M109 Riders forum and HealTech). The part was in stock and it arrived quickly, which makes me happy:). In my opinion, the instruction sheet needs to be updated/corrected; installation took more time than I expected, and I had to look up additional info on M109 Riders forum for help (pictures mostly). However, I am SO impressed with the performance of my bike now, that any hiccup in the installation process has been forgotten! The bike is much, much smoother in 1st-3rd gears now, and I've picked up about 3 mpg's since the install. I certainly recommend this product; it is well worth the money spent!
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Reviewed by:  from Oklahoma. on 4/7/2014
5 Stars
I have a 2014 Suzuki M109R LE. For the first 800 miles I hated this motorcycle. After reading several posts on the forum about the throttle response and shifting from first to third I felt it was an absolute must to get this unit. The instructions are not at all accurate. I took the information for installation off of the M109Riders forum and the installation was not difficult for me. After installation I noticed immediately that the throttle response and shifting were more manageable. The bike shifts nicely now all the way up to 5th. First thru third are much smoother. The throttle response still needs to be managed with care, but it's much better than without the X-TRE power box from HealTech Electronics. Throttle response, before the X-TRE, when making a 90 degree turn was almost unsafe, because of the surging and jerking. The machine is much more pleasant to drive now. I would HIGHLY recommend this unit.
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Reviewed by:  from Lawrence, KS. on 6/4/2014
5 Stars
Amazing the difference this makes vs the stock timing in the first 3 gears. It definately does as it was designed and gives you full timing 1-3. I was not expecting much but I'm impressed.
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Reviewed by:  from Riverside, California. on 5/1/2014
5 Stars
XTRE on 2013 M109R
I have a 2013 M109R. Blue Monkey shipped the item quickly. It takes about an hour to install if you have never had the covers off the bike. (I had not). I read a couple of online instructions from other users before I got the item and I am sure it saved me time on the install. The difference is obvious. The bike takes off smoother with a noticeable power difference. A must have item for the M109R!
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Reviewed by:  from Columbia City IN. on 6/9/2014
5 Stars
X-tre review
I installed this on my 2008 GSXR 1000. If you have basic soldering skills and not a complete knuckle head, this is a very easy install. This product is worth every penny. Specially when comparing it to other TRE's. This one does not have any lag in the gear indicator like stated on others. I know for me I love things to be OEM functioning as possible. Just the fact that the first 3 gears are so much smoother In accelerating made it worth it's money. Power increase is much more noticeable.
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Reviewed by:  from Vermont. on 8/22/2015

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