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Professional Throttle Body Sync Tool

All multi-port gasoline engines are supported: motorcycles, ATV & UTV, racing cars, & racing outboard motors with either fuel-injected or carbureted engines.

  • PC Software: Clear and easy-to-understand user interface. FREE software updates for the lifetime of the product.
  • Actual RPM and delta RPM display
  • Waveforms occurring in the combustion chambers are shown in real time pinpointing possible engine problems, such as inlet/exhaust valve leakage, induction leaks, and even incorrect valve clearances.
  • Whole syncing process can be documented; ideal for workshops. Create reports at the touch of a button.
  • Best electronics warranty available.
Connect to your laptop and go! - Compatible with computers running Windows 7, 8 or 10  

Screen Capture showing "before" shot: Throttle bodies out of sync.

Screen Capture of "after" showing 4 throttle bodies in perfect sync

Awesome tech 
The unit has four digital, high precision, high sensitivity factory-calibrated quick response vacuum sensors. The complete waveforms (which occur in the combustion chamber) are shown in real time. This feature makes it possible to not only sync the throttle bodies with high accuracy but also to pinpoint various engine problems; inlet/exhaust valve leakage, induction leaks and even incorrect valve clearances. Analyze the measurements on your high-resolution color LCD display (a laptop or desktop PC is required). 

Saves cost 
It’s ready when you are, just plug it in and start the measurement. Being able to see what is going on inside the combustion chamber (for each cylinder simultaneously) can save hours of work. Furthermore, it is a very useful tool for bike owners who do their own maintenance. 

Small but tough 
The eSync Tool is the smallest and lightest throttle body sync tool on the market so it won’t take up much of your valuable workspace. On the other hand, the eSync will still work when others break or fail. It is rugged, and both shock and vibration proof. 

Quick and simple to use 
The vacuum hoses are colored differently for easier cylinder identification. The unit is powered from the computer via USB, no need to use an external power supply. The software automatically prompts you when a new version is available for download, you never have to look for updates manually. The ‘Help’ button retrieves the latest version of the User Manual from our website automatically. 

Intuitive software 
The eSync Tool is used with PC software with a clear and easy-to-understand user interface. You will see the intake pressure of each cylinder and how they relate to each other, not only on a bar chart but also on diagrams and via numeric values. The software calculates and displays the actual RPM and delta RPM from the pressure curves. Take before/after snapshots and print a PDF document report with the press of a button. This is a very useful feature for workshops as the whole syncing process can be documented. You can save measurements for later review as a reference or to create a report. The software is multilingual (more languages will be added soon). 

Future proof 
While other sync tools are supplied ‘as is’, we are committed to release software updates for the eSync Tool regularly. More functions and features will be added based on user feedback and requirements. The software updates will be free for the lifetime of the product. 

Built to last 
- Rugged design, encased in epoxy resin. 
- Shock and vibration proof. 
- Oil and water resistant. 
- Each unit is extensively tested prior to shipping. 
- Has no mechanical parts or battery to replace. 
- Supplied in a durable, foam-insulated plastic case. 

- Compatible with computers running Windows 7, 8 or 10 
- Requires at least 1366x768 display resolution 
- Requires one USB 2.0 port (or higher) 
- Maximum supply current at +5V (via USB): 30 mA 
- Has 4pcs digital high precision, high sensitivity factory calibrated vacuum sensors 
- Operating temp: -40C to +80C (-40F to +176F) 
- Unit size: 59 x 35 x 17 mm (2.3 x 1.4 x 0.7 inches) 
- Weight: 100g (with USB cable, without hoses) 
- Waterproof (IP68) 

Included items 
- eSync module with 1.5m (59”) USB 2.0 cable 
- 4pcs silicone hoses (black, green, red, yellow), 45cm (17.7”) long 
- 2pcs silicone extension hoses (black, green), 23cm (9.0”) long 
- 1pcs “T” hose with a metal end-plug 
- 4pcs M5 threaded metal adapters with O-rings 
- 4pcs M6 threaded metal adapters with O-rings 
- 2pcs HealTech stickers 
- 1pcs Durable, foam-insulated plastic case 

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